Package – Dell Redundant Streaming Rack (3060)



The Rack includes 2 x Dell XPS 8940
Each Unit consisting of :
-11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-11700 processor
-Nvidia 3060 12 GB card
-1 x Decklink Duo 2
-1 x Web presenters HD
-2 x Decimator MD-HX (over 2 of the 4 3070 outputs) for framerates up to 1080P 60.
-1 x MOTU M4 Audio unit (4 x XLR in and out) for easy in and out functionality
-1 x Streamdeck 15 Key controller
-VMix 4k Licence (Pro licence on request)

The racks are also fitted with a UPS units for power management and backup power if power is lost to UPS.

The rack also comes with:

-Gigabit 28 port Ethernet Switch – x 1
-Computer – Keyboard x 2
-Computer – USB Mouse. x 2
-Cable USB 2 Extension 1.5m. x 2